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New Year, New Blog Post... New Book?!

New Year's Day. For some, a time of reflection. For others, an exercise in maxing out dosage ratio of ibuprofen to body weight. For my cats, it's naptime, just like every other day.

For me: a new blog post!

Before we go on, I must clarify this newfound "blog posting" action is NOT a resolution or harbinger of things to come. I wrote exactly one blog post in 2018, and I have guilty, sheepish feelings about that statistic.

It's not that posting lots and lots was a profound goal of mine, or that it's some marker of social media success (technically, it's consistency, not quantity that's key -- so here's to posting exactly once every year for the next ten years!). It's just that I'd hoped that after my last post about querying agents, my next post would be about, well, The Next Step.

You know the one I'm talking about... getting an agent? Getting published? Cashing my generous $1.5k post-tax advance check into $2 bills, throwing them into…

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